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Iskon Temple

Distance 200 mtrs

One of the most famous temples in Andhra Pradesh, Iskcon Temple is a recreational centre in Rajahmundry. It is known as the second-largest Iskcon Temple in the Southern region of India after the Iskcon in Bangalore.

Built across 2 acres of land on the banks of the Godavari River, this temple was created by the Iskcon group which stands for International Society for Krishna Consciousness and is a temple primarily dedicated to Lord Krishna. . It is one of the most modern temples with a number of facilities available for tourists and should be on the list for those who wish to see Hindu culture in South India.

Kadiyam Nurseries

Distance 12 Kms

Kadiyam nurseries is spread in 3,500 acres across 11 villages in East Godavari district. The scenic beauty of Kadiyam nurseries is often seen in South Indian films, the place is the largest hub for whole sale market for plants all around the world.

The Industry provides considerable employment to about 20,000 local agriculture labour. The area is about 12 kms from the resort and a must visit place for nature lovers and for people who are interested in horticulture.

Dowleswaram Barrage

Distance 17 Kms

Dowleswaram Barrage is an irrigation structure which is built at Dowleswaram, a small village near Rajahmundry on the lower stretch of the Godavari River before it empties into the Bay of Bengal. The barrage was built in the year 1850 by a British irrigation engineer in pre independence era, Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton.

His many projects averted famines and stimulated the economy of southern India, This barrage provides water for East and West Godavari districts for agriculture. The Dowleswaram Barrage is 15 feet high and 3.5 km long, with 175 crest gates to pass the floods


Distance 40 Kms

Papi kondalu is a lovely place whose scenery resembles the scenery of Kashmir (North India). The beautiful scenery of Papi kondalu, the waterfalls at Munivaatam, and the peaceful atmosphere at this tribal area give a pleasant look and peace to visitors, making it a special attraction for tourists.

The mighty Godavari river narrowing and passing with twists and turns along the Papi Hills is every visitor’s delight. To get the real essence of Papikondalu, one has to go for the boat journey  from Rajahmundry, kindly contact reception for booking and details

polavaram Project

Distance 45 Kms

Polavaram Project is located in Andhra Pradesh on the river Godavari, near Polavaram village about 34 Km upstream of Kovvur, Rajahmundry and 42 Km upstream of (Godavari Barrage) Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage. It is a multi-purpose irrigation project as the project once completed will provide Irrigation benefits for the upland areas of East Godavari, Visakhapatnam Districts under Left Canal and West Godavari, Krishna Districts under Right Canal and will generate 960 MW of Hydro Electric Power.

In addition, this project will supply 23.4TMC of drinking water to Visakhapatnam city and also to Vizag steel plant through its left canal. It will also facilitate an inter-basin transfer of 80TMC annually to the Krishna river basin through its Right canal. It will also provide indirect benefits such as development of Pisciculture, tourism and urbanisation.

please kindly visit our resort “River Inn Pattiseema” just 20 km Away from the project site

Kakinada Beach Park

Distance 65 Kms

If you are looking forward to avoiding tourist crowd on beaches and desire to spend your weekends amid calmness, then the uncrowded beach of Kakinada are perfect stoppages for you. From playing in the soothing waters of the Bay of Bengal to sunbathing on its relaxing sand, you can enjoy a lot here. Even though at the time of morning and evening, its beaches get filled with tourists and locals, you can still feel the essence of composure and equanimity here. You can also go photographing the beautiful waves of the sea as they hit the shore.

At a distance of about 12 km from Kakinada Beach is Hope Island, which can be easily accessed by ferries and boats. If you like the thrill of riding on ocean waves and wish to visit a secluded island, this is the place for you

“please try the local “Kakinada Kaja” very famous delicacy of the city and is popular all over the country”

Annavaram Temple

Distance 80 Kms

The Annavaram Sri Satyanarayanaswamy temple is located on a hill-top in a small Town of Annavaram in East Godavari Dist of Andhra Pradesh. The shrine is one of the most famous holy places in India and second only to the world famous Tirupati temple of Lord Venkateswara. It is dedicated to Lord Satyadev, an Avatar of Lord Vishnu, accompanied by his female counterpart Sri Anantha Lakshmi. A unique feature of this temple is that the image of Lord Shiva is also enshrined within the Sanctum along with Lord Vishnu. Lord Satyadev is portrayed as a unique manifestation of all the three Gods in the Hindu pantheon in a single idol.

The base of the lower portion represents Lord Brahma, the middle portion represents Lord Shiva and the top portion represents Lord Vishnu. The four sides of this holy Yantra are flanked by the four deities of Ganapati, Suryanarayana Swamy, Bala Tripurasundari and Maheswara Swamy.


Distance 80 Kms

At a distance of 85 km from Rajahmundry, Maredumilli is a village situated on Bhadrachalam – Rajahmundry highway in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Amidst the semi evergreen forests, it is one of the top places to visit near Rajahmundry and among the best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh.

Located in the dense forests of Eastern Ghats, this Area has been developed by the Forest Department as an Eco-tourism Centre. Maredumilli is a place of wildlife, nature and of tribal people. This forest area is conserved and developed by the tribals who have habituated the lands for generations. The entire region is amazing and picturesque with green grasslands encircled by hills with many streams flowing over undulating rocks.

Best time to visit Maredumilli is post monsoon because the forest becomes green and waterfall filled with water. During monsoon season this place receives huge amount of rainfall.